2020 deco trends: what to look for!

What are the main deco trends 2020? What will your interior look like this year? Maison Chez Nous decrypts the new materials and colors that will be all the rage!

The comeback of caning

Wicker, rattan … The natural materials have never been so honored, and can caning to make a comeback! This braiding technique appeared in the early eighteenth century today applies to all genres: furniture, seating, lighting and decorative accessories. He dresses your room with naturalness and authenticity.

Herbs from the pampas

If nature continues to inspire new decorative trends, we also look for softness and we dare new natural materials! Thus, adjusting some pampas herbs in a large vase placed in the corner of a room will allow you to return Mother Nature home, without the need to water!

Graphic lights, even in the dark!

Do not stop at the style of a suspension! This season, we also look for the effect given by your luminaire once switched on. Necessarily, we opt for suspensions in wire structure to create a graphic effect on the walls and ceiling.

Velvet still relevant

Chic and elegant material, velvet always on the rise! As a strong room like a sofa in a living room, or a headboard in a bedroom, it recreates a cozy atmosphere and luxury for your home. Integrated with a little decorative touch (cushions, plaid …) or as an extra piece (ottoman or rug), it warms your room in the blink of an eye.

The terrazzo leaves the ground

Composed of fragments of natural stone and colored marble sintered with cement, terrazzo comes back from far! Long used as flooring, it is seduced by its mineral appearance, graphic and speckled, in addition to its high impact resistance. In credence in the kitchen, as wallpaper on a wall, or declined in cushion, it seduces by its color!